Chrysanthescopes are similar to kaleidoscopes, but work in a different way. While both use mirrors, the Chrysanthescope uses light to create the changing 3D images. The only moving part is the flashlight that you use.

Because each one is made individually, they are all a little different.

Right now you can get two types of Chrysanthescopes, and we will be adding more types later!

Adeptus Psychonautica Classic

This chrysanthescope is the one that started everything! It comes with your choice of marble color and features the Adeptus Psychonautica logo, which is engraved on the outside.

Click here to see more about Adeptus Psychonautica

Flower Dream Edition

What would a flower's dream be like? Would it contain hints of flowers, pollen, spider webs, and colors?

Get the Flower Dream chrysanthescope to find out.


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